A Sharing Economy has proven that the quick development of technology and social change are powerful drivers of business models and cost revolution. Lessons learned from many industry sectors gives us valuable case studies of how to apply sharing across all elements of the logistics supply chain. In cities, logistics service providers take opportunities to support the growing demand of […]

PLM and Shared Economy

XELLZ has made significant investments in technology, hoping to gain competitive advantages in today’s project logistics management and project freight industry sector. Traditional project freight organisational structures are rigid and highly bureaucratic. Previous evidence has shown that they cannot quickly or accurately respond to the constant changes of the project freight and logistics environment. Project freight forwarding organisations and the […]

Traditional project freight is rigid

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s largest shipping port, is taking part in a Blockchain consortium which is focusing on logistics. The project has the support of more than fifteen public and private sector companies based in the Netherlands. XELLZ is going to add to this project by offering its expertise and know how in order to make Blockchain useful for […]

Project Logistics and BlockChain

Project Logistics 4.0 (PL4.0) is more than just a slogan. A convergence of trends and technologies promises to redesign the way things are delivered. Project Logistics 4.0 to most shipper’s executives will raise eyebrows. If they’ve heard of it, they are likely confused about what it is. If they haven’t learned of it, they’re likely to be cynical of what […]

Project Logistics Next Level

Connecting Processes Lets touch upon one of the biggest challenges companies operating global project supply chains and logistics face today. We are talking about the disconnect between the data, processes on one hand and people in the supply chain on the other hand. How it inhibits collaboration and the ability to make the best decisions quickly and for the best result […]

Improving Logistics Collaboration

Our President & CEO, Mr. Peter Bouwhuis, shall give a Micro-Seminar regrading IT Technology in the Project Logistics industry and what the future will bring. Technology Breakthroughs New technology done right leads to new efficiency. Mr. Peter Bouwhuis provides an insight into the effects of new technologies on two key project industry segments. A view of XELLZ methods and operating excellence […]

Micro-Seminar at BreakBulk