Current challenges in Project Logistics Visibility

Project Logistics Visibility is all about how organizations capture and
interconnect data to perform critical project logistics execution information. It provides a single view for tracking information, material and/or cost by monitoring key dimensions in a global project logistics, such as inventory positions or shipment in-transit status and real-time order movements in order to make informed and fact-based decisions.
Delivering Project Logistics Visibility means measuring and controlling the effectiveness of the overall supply chain in four key areas

1 – flexibility, defined as the capacity to change project logistics processes, goals, partners, facilities, and other tangible aspects with minimal of delivering delay or unwanted impact.

2 – resilience, which is defined as the capacity to withstand unknown and uncontrollable events with minimal impact, to project execution whether in terms of importance or duration.

3 – reliability, which measures the capacity to meet commitments on quality, timeliness, project cost, availability, service level, etc. which is a basic requirement of project logistics management effectiveness.

4 – responsiveness, defined as the capacity to obtain information and adapt to changes and change orders in the project context including changes in demand, capacity, regulations, the competitive environment, or any other aspect which has the potential to impact project value.

Numerous industries have already implemented or are in the process of implementing Project Logistics Visibility solutions. However, these solutions reflect different levels of sophistication. The maturity level of a particular visibility solution is defined by the associated [IT] tools, processes, and skills of the people involved.

Successful Project Logistics Visibility solutions are deployed around practices which enable an organization to achieve an end-to-end
view of inbound and outbound operations.

As XELLZ we are happy to inform you about the possibilities in your organization. A well operated Control Tower or Project Logistics Management setup will benefit companies in a big way in terms of efficiency and in particular in terms of cost. The savings in many cases are equal to the direct savings which make our service cost-neutral.