Transparency is a subject EPC’s, manufacturers and project owners are talking about lately and not without good reason. Withholding information from customers, not disclosing price and rate structures and poor communication is all too common within logistics service companies. But now with project logistic management companies like XELLZ, transparency can become best practice with the help of a new model […]

Smart Transparency in Project Logistics? XELLZ Says “We Are Already ...

In early 2020, we have secured approximately 200,000 sqm of land at the port of Rosslare in the Republic of Ireland. We have divided the land into zones and the entire area will now be known as Europort Business Park (EBP). Through our offshore subsidiary 24shore and XELLZ Ireland Ltd., XELLZ will establish an offshore wind supply base there to serve […]

Europort Business Park to handle future Offshore Wind

our President & CEO is explaining in 4 minutes how XELLZ works and what the benefits are for capital projects from a logistics point of view.

XELLZ in 4 minutes

In this articles, we’ll talk about definition and a brief history of the XELLZ Project Logistics Control Centers (PLCC), its importance, different usage scenarios in several sectors, its infrastructure, how we came to choose the right technology, integration of all our solutions, importance of qualified training, IT system and usage with high productivity as brief as possible. But before we […]

Project Logistics Control Center

The economy of Nigeria is changing, and it is shifting from mainly primary based economy reliant on farming and extractive industries such as oil and gas, to one which is making more money or GDP from manufacturing or secondary industries and more services in the tertiary sector. Nigeria is becoming the fastest growing economy in Africa and this is just […]

XELLZ Nigeria ready for business

In any given project, there are many unified tasks, milestones, dependencies, costs, resources, deliverables, that need to be cautiously managed. In addition to that, many times a project logistics manager is simultaneously managing many different logistics projects, all with different scopes, priorities, resources, and stakeholders. It’s no surprise that projects could run into trouble every day. Sometimes, despite best efforts, […]

Project Logistics Rescue Guide