Traditional approaches cannot overcome the obstacles faced by project logistics service providers. This is why XELLZ® provides a complete solution for the Heavy Lift & Project Freight and Logistics industry from the shipper’s perspective, with in-house integration into the transport & logistics and supply chain process.

At XELLZ we believe that it is our responsibility to operate lean and with no duplication of processes and creating project logistics cost savings while on a project for our customer. It’s our core belief that only when processes and operations are to the max of its simplicity, while keeping a high standard, that there is optimum control on project logistics execution and cost. It is also our obligation to see to it that a project logistics operation is done in an open book policy and with complete transparency whereby no items, duties, or responsibilities are hidden from our customers.

Using our in-house developed, the state-of-the-art IT technology combined with the latest in project logistics management, we lower the total cost of project logistics with over 25%, as well as offering 100% transparency across the entire project lifetime.

By making use of the latest in online Project Logistics Management technology combined with lean processes and stringent vetting of carriers, the project logistics of any project or heavy lift shipment fits seamlessly within the overall project management, making this the most operational and cost-efficient model in the industry.

With our project Logistic Operations Control Centres (LOCC) we have the best project logistics management in the industry with  our IT platform system, mobile applications, and our in-house developed Video Inspection Tools (VIT), your project gets the best of all worlds. All this is integrated with your system and we will feed the information that you wish to have in your system, whether this be SAP or any other ERP platform. Complete integration will safe you money, time and gives full visibility throughout the entire project life-cycle.

XELLZ high percentage of senior project managers we offer the Supply Chain Consultancy  are able to keep the cost low for your organisation. Our model is becoming the standard for quality and excellence.

Our goal is to offer our customers the best know how and the best cost – quality ratio and keeping the quality in sync with the local and international regulations and compliance. Transparency is what you wish to see, and this is what we offer across the entire project life cycle.

We are changing the project cargo and heavy lift industry by introducing Project Logistics Management “the XELLZ way”.