Risk Assessment

Risk assessment aspects is one of the main topics and focus points of XELLZ®. We have here listed just a few and important items that we take very seriously.

Analyzing and identifying the cargo risk as a whole is not only essential for projects but also for an effective loss preventing operation. XELLZ® determines the following points as a minimum in any project and or heavy lift or project related cargo shipment:

  • Term of contracts
  • Routes of transport
  • Conveyances
  • Packaging and unitization
  • Special hazards of transport
  • Storage and peak hazards
  • Transshipment, stowage, securing, cargo handling at port of transshipment
  • Organization

But also the Characteristics of goods:

  • Solid, liquid, gaseous
  • Packed, unpacked, suitability and quality of packaging
  • Prone to loss or damage due to
    • Physical / climatic stresses
    • Pilferage / criminal acts
    • Contamination / odor
  • Gross weight, dimension, center of gravity
  • Moisture content of goods
  • Possibilities of repair / availability of spare parts

Routes for the freight to travel and handled in are often defined by p.o.l./p.o.d., but their conditions and qualities are always changing, so this means this aspect need close attention as well:

  • Areas of changing weather conditions, seasonal influences
  • Long distances, long lasting periods of transfer more physical stresses, climatic changes
  • Conditions of infrastructure, topography
    • Surface, river crossings
    • Traffic density
    • No road, no track, no way but willing and prepared to meet the goal
  • Conveyance mix

For the means of transportation there are no common standards of quality and suitability but its important that one looks at the best mode of transport.:

  • Vessels, trucks, air crafts, railway wagons

Technical conditions, and the state of maintenance and repair Certificates of approval

  • Accumulation of values
  • Handling and securing equipment on board
  • Containers
  • Technical suitability
  • Moisture, condensed water
  • Odorless, clean, dry, watertight