Although the core service that XELLZ provides is Project Freight & Logistics Management it is not always easy to find the expertise that a project needs to receive at the standards that XELLZ is standing for.

This is the reason what XELLZ has also added some specialized services to its range of offerings which gives our customers the ability to find what they need for any project within one service provider. We call these our “Group Functions”. In-house Group Functions are important s they give our customers a direct service offering that has very high standards and in many cases are better then what the industry is offering. The Group Functions range from Ocean Chartering, Air Chartering, Engineering & Trangineering, Insurances & Loss Control Management, to Lifting & Rigging or Offshore Brokerage.

These services will soon be offered through are dedicated companies;

This is not where we stop. We know that you as a customer are in need of the very best in project solutions and for that we are constantly looking to add to our range of services. To get all the information throughout our own organization and to ensure that our people are trained well for each step in the process, we have started our own University which will be conducting on-site training programs as well as online programs regarding processes, Health, Safety & Environment, Ethics & Compliance, and many other important topics.