Trangineering is a method that XELLZ is applying to its total solution program and which has and will in the future save a lot of money for our clients.

Trangineering is a method whereby we place our trangineers (transport engineers) together with the engineers of our clients in the initial design and engineering stages of a project. By doing this we are able to apply, sometimes small, design changes to the equipment or module and by doing so the transport of the equipment will be easier and more cost effective.

We have show cases where the equipment had been made only 3 Inches less narrow on both sides of the equipment and by doing so, the route for delivery could change and some USD250,000.- had been saved for that particular transport and the same amount for many following pieces of equipment that were having similar issues.

There is a lot of money that can be saved and some of our customers have done this already with great success. It takes a little effort and training of the engineering department but the results are stunning.

Our latest Trangineering solution is the ReelFrame (see below). A solution that allos for a cable drum of 100mt, or more, to be loaded and transported to the job sites without the use of cranes at any stage of the opeation. This makes the transport more cost efficient, flexible, and allows for better efficiency of the transport equipment that can be utilised somewhere else.