XELLZ Receives Patent for its ReelFrame Cable Transport Solution

For the past few years, XELLZ has been developing the transport and loading invention for high voltage cable drum loading and transport solution for onshore cables.

The ReelFrame means that cable drums up to 100mt do no longer need to be loaded for transport with a crane. The system is self-loading, and off-loading, and no longer requires a mobile crane to be on site. The operational cost is now much lower and saver, with less handling, and quicker turnaround.

The trailer no longer needs to remain onsite until unwinding of the cable is completed. The trailer simply places the ReelFrame with drum on site, after which it is able to move away and be used for other operations.

Due to a clever hydraulic system, whereby the footprint of the ReelFrame is reduced for transport operations, there is a minimum of obstacles during transportation.

The ReelFrame is the perfect solution for all onshore HV cable projects and has already received positive responses from project owners and cable manufacturers.