At XELLZ we come across project requirements that cross-over onshore with offshore. For this reason we have bundled our expertise from the offshore with the rest of our teams to offer our customers the best services and experience.

24shore™ is the XELLZ’ offshore Services that provides logistics management and operations facilities to clients in the offshore renewable energy, oil& gas and petrochemical sector, providing the following services:

  • Project Logistics Management (the XELLZ way)
  • Offshore Supply Base Management
  • Offshore Logistics Control Center (OLCC)
  • Offshore Logistics operations
  • Provision of personnel
  • Vessel chartering
  • Aircraft chartering
  • Personal hand-carry service
  • Information and training

Project Logistics management and operations for the offshore industry

The key to the success of any logistics contract is excellent project logistics management. The key to good management is the ability to identify the needs of the project and the ability to control all aspects of such complex project as well as understanding the environment in which the project operates. Trangineering, or design to optimize operations is crucial for a successful operation.

In today’s international and remote locations, experience and understanding of project logistics management, operations and the local networks is a must. With decades of experience in our team, we have a profound understanding of the critical paths of the offshore project logistics operations.

At 24shore™, our team has the ability to make your logistics management and operations a success.

Vessel chartering services

24shore™ offshore project logistics provides you with vessel chartering services. We supply you any type of vessel, ranging from a supply vessel to a heavy lift vessel, a dive support or construction vessel.

We deal directly with vessel owners and vessel brokers to give you the best deal possible. We conclude all contracts on your behalf.

Aircraft chartering services

24shore™ assists you in chartering aircraft’s. We can charter helicopters for crew shuttling, passenger, cargo aircraft to suit your needs.

Offshore Maintenance Material Logistics.

A classification service involving three levels of strategic, tactical and operational decision-making through their in-house developed projeXsmart® application. The strategic level deals with decisions regarding wind farm initial logistics design for reliable delivering, location and workload management of the maintenance equipment, like cranes, work-barges, guard boats etc.  The tactical level embraces the spare parts inventory management, maintenance logistics support organization, and all decisions regarding purchase or lease of maintenance resources.

The operational level includes scheduling of maintenance material logistics tasks, routing of vessels, and measuring the performance. This is done through XELLZ’ Project Control Center which is based in the greater Amsterdam area in The Netherlands. This PCC is taking the control of all its project related and offshore related maintenance material logistics.

[1] maintenance logistics strategy,
[2] maintenance logistics support organization and
[3] scheduling of maintenance logistics