Insurance Group

Welcome to XELLZ Insurance Group

XELLZ insurance group offers comprehensive insurance for project and cargo owners, based on experienced, knowledgeable, responsiveness and innovation. Our expertise and knowledge level are unequaled in the project logistics industry, having provided corporate businesses for many years. Our people provide project cargo and logistics associated liability insurances. Our management continues to provide the way to successful and sustained growth by placing a high benchmark of services to our customer’s expectations.

Offering (not limited to):

  • Global Marine Insurance Solutions
  • Industry-specific products, including project logistics liability
  • Customized features and 24/7/365 support
  • Claims arbitration and ruling
  • Training on Loss Control Management through iBrabble B.V.

Additional information regarding our products, services, and more through our website as well as in a personal discussions and advice that we are happy to arrange for you in a live on-line session.

Staying Up to Date

Project and general logistics are exposed to compliance, liabilities and many other influences more frequent than ever before due to the complexity in the project supply chains and other external risks. Focusing on emerging risks with a broad, comprehensive insurance coverage, effective risk management and loss control management to help mitigate losses, and alongside maintaining changes of new potential exposures.

Global Coverage

Connecting with XELLZ Insurance Group, will give you the reassurance you are dealing with a company that brings permanence. XELLZ has a global offices and all of them are part of a group of companies that reach over many continents and connect you with the knowledge and capability of a complete assessment of the risks and, in specifically those that are important to your projects and your business.