Open Book Pricing

price-negotiationsThe concept of shippers and project logistics service providers having such a trusting relationship that they can work together collaboratively and seek ways to manage and reduce the cost of services and that they share information and data on a very open and transparent level was almost unheard of a few years ago, but within XELLZ® this is common practice.

People at XELLZ® have been involved in service procurement for some time and we how confrontational the process used to be. For the Project Logistics industry, it may be a new concept but for XELLZ® customers this has been standard procedure.

In fact, it is actually a mutually beneficial and constructive relationship when we do this, and there is really nothing to fear.

XELLZ® open book policy is an agreement to work and view data and financial information relating to costs incurred in any one part of the Project Logistics chain. So that you, the customer, can work towards a better project plan where costs are minimized and transparent as much as possible.

All information and data on negotiations is being kept within the project team and will remain the property of our customers.