XELLZ Nigeria ready for business

The economy of Nigeria is changing, and it is shifting from mainly primary based economy reliant on farming and extractive industries such as oil and gas, to one which is making more money or GDP from manufacturing or secondary industries and more services in the tertiary sector.

Nigeria is becoming the fastest growing economy in Africa and this is just the beginning.

There are many capital projects that will start in the coming years and as XELLZ we want to be there to serve our customers that have already identified some projects they are being, or getting involved in.

For this reason XELLZ has now opened an office in Lagos, Nigeria. We have reached an agreement with a local partner and the company is operational towards as of March 2019.

Peter Bouwhuis, President & CEO of XELLZ corporation said, “We are very excited about this development and as a young company to open our own office in Nigeria with the opportunities that are out there is promising for the future growth of our company”