XELLZ Houston Now Open

Since the beginning XELLZ set out to open an office in the United States to serve the project logistics industry. We opened the first office in Fort Worth (Dallas) where we serve our customers in the Texas area.

We also saw that there was a need to be even closer to the Gulf Oil & Gas customers as well as be closer to the great number of EPC companies out there in the Houston area. This has been the reason for opening a new office in Houston where we serve and operate our customers with the same dedication.

It is this particular region of the US where we believe the future of Project Logistics Management lays and where we will just have to be to remain the front-runner that we are in this field of the industry. The future of Project Forwarders is coming to that point that great changes are needed and these changes are strongly linked to the IT Technology that XELLZ has been developing over the past few years.

We hear at the Breakbulk events in Europe but also in the United States that the technology is going to change the industry and we fully agree that this is a trend that will not stop any time soon. Technology will guarantee integrity in data handling but most of all it allows all data, communication, documents, cost management, and control to be in one place where the collaboration is at its optimum for project logistics. The project logistics supply chain is something very complex and needs to have more then email communication and excel sheets, or even more then the systems that are out there which do not fulfill the needs of corporations.

Besides the United States, XELLZ is already present in Europe (The Netherlands, Ireland (for the island of Irelands), Germany and Belgium) working on opening more offices around the world, we are in planning to open up in Finland, Russia, Singapore, Australia and Brasil.