Change For Success

XELLZ helps organizations implement major change to improve their project logistics performance.

The ability to drive change such as affecting performance from good to great, cutting costs, and turning around any project logistics crisis, is a key foundation of competitive advantage. Yet despite all the efforts, one in three companies fail. We work with major corporations to overcome these odds.

Our profound experience and hard approach help clients reach successful projects and build philosophies of continuous improvement. We work closely with clients to:

  • Strengthen Project Logistics health: We help clients attain excellence by managing their logistics project with consistency. “Health” can be defined as an organization’s ability to align, execute, and renew itself faster than the competition. Years of XELLZ experience on the logistics in projects are summarized in our method of managing your projects.
  • Outline and deliver transformational change: We help clients design and deliver far-reaching change efforts through our processes and procedures. This approach helps companies form a change vision and set targets to their projects that are strongly linked to project outcomes; analyze the supplier’s ability to meet those targets; and deliver improvement initiatives that strengthen performance, build competences, and change organizational mind-sets and behaviors in how to deal with logistics.
  • Move performance to outline culture: Attaining constant improvement in project logistics performance and project health requires that companies move beyond, processes, and systems to address shared performance, including culture, mind-sets and competences, and team dynamics. As a key aspect of creating project logistics change, XELLZ works with clients to design and implement skills, shift mind-sets, develop and manage talent to ensure a successful and sustainable change.
  • Support project managers become models for change: Senior project managers have a unique role in project logistics change: They must deliver what really matters for our customers. We help project managers reach that level of confidence that logistics in projects require, openly involve others, and focus on successes. XELLZ also help build commitment and alignment within our project logistics teams.
  • Organize leaders and share visions: We share our visions at a range of external channels. For example, more than 100 senior project logistics managers leading major projects have participated in our CIP (Continues Improvement Program) programs. Bringing pioneering thinking and practical guidance from our project logistics management experience and our exclusive processes.