The Wrong Side of The Track


When you find out that you’re NOT on the right side of the track in a project, it’s often too late and it will take a lot of efforts to get this corrected and back on track.

Project Logistics Management (PLM) is becoming more and more a crucial factor in the project freight industry as shippers are demanding a higher standard of operating and or managing projects.

People working in the project freight industry and those that are involved in project logistics, need to realize that they are actually a Project Logistics Manager, even though the title on their business card may read differently! Once over this realization, and with the right training and also more effective use of project management principles in general, most individuals and organizations alike could achieve the results they ultimately aim for.

The professional services industry, like the project freight industry is, has created a culture of working long hours and driving staff hard. However, the EU Working Time Directive for instants, and other governments alike, could change all of this by limiting an individual to working 48+ hours a week. Against this backdrop, companies need to find smarter ways of working to get projects completed on time and within budget, and this is where project management tools and best-practice techniques can make a real difference to the overall success of projects.

If not done, the chances are very likely that your project will soon get off track. Its like driving a car, it seems easy to gain time by speeding but it seems to be almost impossible to catch-up time once you had a delay or slippage. Ultimately it will cost money and time and the overal project could suffer even bigger by incurring penalties.

So, keep focused on project planning and schedules at all times, regardless of whether all goes smooth or not, once you loose momentum you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of the track!