Next Level Operating Strategy

Many companies have been able to make the transformation to the next level operating strategy models that provide them with speed, precision, and flexibility to quickly unlock new sources of value and drastically reduce costs. The operating strategy of the future combines digital technologies and process-improvement capabilities in an integrated, sequenced way to radically improve customer journeys and internal processes.

Lean management has already played a significant role in putting in place processes, capabilities, and tools to improve how project logistics operates. But the digital age has increased both the opportunities for corporations who know how to react and the difficulty of getting it right. For one thing, project logistics tasks performed by humans are more complex, and require a high level of competence and know-how.

As an increasing number of tasks become automated within the project logistics management process, companies need to realize that the lessons learned in previous projects are very important to consider and implement. Like an athlete who needs all her muscles to be finely tuned and working in concert to reach top speeds, fast-moving project teams must continually synchronize their strategies, activities, performance, and health.

Many corporations understand the need to change how they work and have embarked on many initiatives, yet few have been able to get beyond isolated success project benefits.

XELLZ has seen that companies that successfully build next level operating strategy do two things well. They focus on putting in place the building blocks that drive change across the organization, and they select a conversion path that fits their circumstances. These practices don’t apply only to companies that have yet to start their IT transformation. Even companies that are well along their transformation expedition can profit by putting in place a next-generation strategy that delivers massive value to their project logistics while significantly reducing the overall project costs.

XELLZ is helping companies achieve the excellence they need for their project logistics management and add many levels of expertise and know-how to the project teams in order to reach on-time and within budget project successes.