I, Peter Bouwhuis, of XELLZ, think what energizes me most about XELLZ is our opportunity to work with clients on their project logistics challenges on a day-to-day basis. Clients representatives at all levels of the organization from the Project Manager to the CEO and working hand in hand with them on the pressing issues that their projects are facing. I think that sets XELLZ apart from the rest, rather than simply handing off part of the solution.

At XELLZ you’re actually partnering with the client at a very early stage in the project life cycle and knowing that the solutions we’re delivering to them will have a long-lasting impact because it’s something we co-create.

The amazing thing is that  depending on the type project, we get to see a huge variety of problems and issues and get to understand what the opportunities are for our clients and the projects logistics they have asked us to manage. XELLZ has a team that will sit at the table and collaborate, from junior staff up to our CEO, and where each voice is equally represented and equally respected to find the best solution and the best process for the logistics within their project.

At the start of each project we kick off the engagement with the project team (engineers, project managers, etc.) learning. listening and setting the tone for the entire project life cycle. The context of the client service requirements and expectations, background and how XELLZ is expected to perform on the projects.

At XELLZ it never happens by one person, there’s an incredible network, starting with the core team but extending far beyond that with our XELLZ worldwide offices and XELLZ group functions that are there to support the client and make them, and the project, successful.

The XELLZ culture is open so you can reach out to experts and get to know them, their backgrounds, learning from them and getting advice from them to fulfill project (and personal) aspirations.

XELLZ is a company with very interesting and exciting people that are passionate about what they do best, bringing our client’s projects to a success. To finish within schedule and budget is something we aim for 100%, every time.

Thank you,

Peter H.J. Bouwhuis
President & CEO