Meeting The Challenge

As the project freight and logistics industry branches out into new markets, logistics providers have nurtured new relationships and distribution channels throughout the world. As the nature of the cargo expands beyond heavy-lift resource equipment, they should acquire additional expertise in project freight and logistics management solutions.

Shippers, or cargo owners, are requiring complete turn-key services from door to job-site – including managing the quoting process, route surveying, expediting purchase orders, warehousing, full and part charters, insurance, cargo loss management, export packing, customs clearance, trade documentation and more, all managed with one solution. This is Project Logistics Management versus Project Freight Forwarding.

Creativity and a sense of urgency!  Time is money – and getting the equipment “on site” and set-up, ready for operation and commissioning is sometimes part of this challenge.

Health, Safety, Environment and Security (H.S.E.S.) are each paramount factors in the risk assessment and management taken by the project logistics provider.

Some of today’s project moves have been made possible by the availability of better equipment in recent years. Carriers and other logistics providers are continuously pursuing new and advanced forms of heavy lift equipment, developed to suit the requirements of specialized cargo. Heavy-duty and modified aircraft and vessels “built to suit” provide for service specifically assigned to accommodate the increasing demands of today’s projects. Project logistics management is one of those elements that every corporation needs to have to stay in control at all levels of the project and to combine the best know-how and expertise within their own project team without having to worry about FTE’s. Having the state of the art IT technology is another one of those important tools that oen needs to properly manage projects. A lot of resources and money is invested at XELLZ to ensure this is all in place and will ensure that the customer is experiencing the very best what project logistics management has to offer in today’s environment.

XELLZ hopes that with this revolutionary process and tools, we contribute to the increasing demands for knowledge in the relative young industry in which carriers and project logistics management is coming together with our innovative thinking, imagination and the ability to adapt the unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances that are critical to a successful project.