Technology Breakthrough

Technology Breakthrough for Project Management

XELLZ’s CEO & President, Peter Bouwhuis, provided insight into the effects of new technologies for project management during his Breakbulk Showcase: Breakbulk Technology Breakthrough
Project Logistics Management at Breakbulk Southeast Asia 2017 in Kuala Lumpur held on 5 Sept. had been a major topic.

This subject needs some attention for the simple reason that it has become more and more essential for our customers that a good IT Tool is used to run and operate their projects and / or heavy lift and project freight shipments.
Using the right tool means that you will have 100% transparent management and 100% control during the project live cycle. Any disruption in a project costs time and money without fail and XELLZ is determined to eliminate all this for its customers.

The use of our IT Tool, projeXsmart requires a strict discipline from all parties involved to make project logistics management work the way it was agreed and for that reason, XELLZ has partnered with iBrabble B.V. (Education) to ensure that all our staff as well as our customers and subcontractors are well trained before we start any project. When people start distrusting a tool and start sending emails again, there is a risk that not everybody is getting this information and so there will be a gap created in the project. This could have serious consequences from a process and from a project execution point which ultimately translate in delays and over spending.

Project Logistics Management requires strong managers and discipline from all parties involved, which means that we train all our staff, customers and subcontractors in to a high level of project freight and logistics management.
ProjeXsmart doesn’t take away the interaction between people during the project execution and for that reason there are regular meetings/conference calls scheduled throughout the project for different stakeholders involved.