X-Frame Process “the XELLZ way”

At XELLZ we believe that it is our responsibility to operate lean and with no duplication of processes and creating project logistics cost savings while on a project for our customer. It’s our core believe that only when processes and operations are to the max of its simplicity, while keeping a high standard, that there is optimum control on project logistics execution and cost. It is also our obligation to see to it that a project logistics operation is done in an open book policy and with complete transparency whereby no items, duties, or responsibilities are hidden from our customers.

In the EPC, manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, energy, power and process plant industries, it is common to see project logistics contracts. Under these contracts, a responsibility is placed on the logistics provider to manage and report on the efficiency and productivity of the logistics services being provided to the project/client. As is often the case, the productivity of the logistics provider is affected (either negatively or positively) by the actions (or lack of same) of the client. It is a fact that there are significant challenges to managing this type of logistics contracts. XELLZ however will offer you in this article;

1. A method of managing the logistics project in “the XELLZ way” by applying our X-Frame process model;

2. An IT platform that implements information from X-Frame to benefit the project team by continuously improving work processes during the project live cycle.

The combination of X-Frame and projeXsmart provide our teams, as well those of the customer, with tools to enable them to “manage by element” rather than by gut-feel or power of personality as this is currently done in many logistics providers. By identifying and quantifying problems in the logistics process, the teams are able to see how a specific event impacts the process and thus the schedule of the project. Measured results can be reviewed in a non-conflicting manner, and acted on by the team. This is the cornerstone of self-managed and organized teams and a learning organization as XELLZ.

In today’s world of partnering, team effort and customer-driven quality requirements, it is imperative that both owners and logistics suppliers take a proactive approach to managing the entire process, those actions belonging to the client and other team members, including vendors, suppliers and subcontractors. This is an increasingly complicated and interconnected set of customer/client relationships.

Project Logistics Management teams are contracted with the responsibility to create a standard process that will enable each project team member to have a “road map” to perform his or her daily responsibilities. To meet that challenge, XELLZ simply captures the best possible data from our projeXsmart IT platform, and applies X-Frame Process Logistics Control methods with the objective of achieving continuous process improvement by all stakeholders.

We are changing the project cargo and heavy lift industry by introducing Project Logistics Management “the XELLZ way”