Project Logistics Management

XELLZ Operational Excellence (OpEx) has been an area that has been given substantial attention inside our organization and for good reasons. With project logistics management teams looking to find new optimization avenues by bringing their services to our customers both quicker and at better cost. The intention of addressing OpEx is to rationalize business processes and to find a balance […]

OpEx – A Driver For Excellence

At XELLZ we believe that it is our responsibility to operate lean and with no duplication of processes and creating project logistics cost savings while on a project for our customer. It’s our core believe that only when processes and operations are to the max of its simplicity, while keeping a high standard, that there is optimum control on project […]

X-Frame Process “the XELLZ way”

Technology Breakthrough for Project Management XELLZ’s CEO & President, Peter Bouwhuis, provided insight into the effects of new technologies for project management during his Breakbulk Showcase: Breakbulk Technology Breakthrough– Project Logistics Management at Breakbulk Southeast Asia 2017 in Kuala Lumpur held on 5 Sept. had been a major topic. This subject needs some attention for the simple reason that it […]

Technology Breakthrough

To be a project logistics manager is not an easy job. It’s not enough to design and create project logistics plans and delegate tasks to the team(s). First think, you have to be a leader, a people manager and a very clear communicator in order to succeed. With lots of skills to learn, which of them should be your focus […]

8 Project Logistics Skills

Total cost management (TCM) is the project cost engineering element that we often overlook when estimating for project logistics as part of a capital project. The concept has been around since the 1990s and is part of a process called “Total Cost Management” and has been part of the XELLZ Total Cost Analysis Plan (TCAP). TCM is the effective application of […]

Total Cost Management